My name is Sem, nice to meet you!

As of today I am 20 years old, currently studying at Eindhoven University of Technology and constantly looking for new ways to develop myself in the realms of design, entrepreneurship, engineering and technology. This website is dedicated to showcase my personal portfolio. This includes projects, both personal and university projects.

I differentiate myself from other designers (and engineers) because of my versatility and ability to oversee complex projects in the realm of technology design. In my bachelor’s I found that UX/UI-Design, Interaction Design and Brand Design are particular interests of mine. I believe that design of products and user experiences should be cohesive fitting under one brand identity. This website has a section dedicated merely to my development during my Bachelor’s Industrial Design at the TU/e. This includes a page for my professional identity and vision, development in different expertise areas over my bachelor and future plans.

What’s in a name?

The name Cool Wine might sound a bit odd in first instance. It is actually derrived from my last name, and it has been serving as a name for my personal brand eversince 2020. Before that, I used it as a name to publish music under. I see Cool Wine as an overarching brand name for the projects driven by everlasting creativity. Altough I create a lot less music today than before my time in college, all music that I have made since 2017 can still be viewed and listened to on the different platforms dedicated to showcasing that. This includes remixes that I have produced and a wide variety of my own piano compositions. Click here to have an overview of the different platforms for my music.

Recording my first album “The Full Story”, consisting of 10 self-written piano compositions back in 2021
Studio time: producing new music during the pandemic in 2020

Let’s get in touch!

If you want to know more about my undertakings and job availability, make sure to check out my LinkedIn profile. If you want to contact me personally for more information on various design or music related topics, you can get in touch via my E-mail. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Just here for the music?

That’s also just fine! If you are inspired by the music I compose, produce and publish, then make sure to check out my social media platforms and SoundCloud via the buttons below. Enjoy listening!