ID Portfolio


I would like to welcome you to my TU/e Industrial Design portfolio. This section of the website is dedicated merely to my development during the Bachelor’s of Industrial Design. My portfolio is split up into several pages. First of all, the Professional Identity and Vision page, on which I talk about my compenencies as a designer, my professional profile and my vision and desires as a designer.

A very tangible way of looking at how I developed myself as a designer is by taking a look at my university projects. Throughout my Bachelor’s Industrial Design I have done several projects.

Projects are an integral part of the Industrial Design program because you can implement knowledge and skills into your designs.

Concluding my Bachelor, I can conclude that Industrial Design has given me the needed foundation for the future I envision for myself. The versatility I have acquired by following courses and doing projects across many expertise areas lies at the basis of all of this. Still, there is plenty more to learn on the (technical) engineering aspect. This page discusses my plans for the future.

As a designer you have to develop yourself in many different disciplines. The TU/e department of Industrial Design organized the desired competencies of an ID-student into five different so called “Expertise Areas”.

On this page you will get to see my development across these different expertise areas.