Future Scoping


Industrial Design, in terms of education given at the TU/e, is a very broad discipline consisting of multiple expertise area’s. As elaborated earlier in my Professional Identity and Vision, I believe that the power of a designer lies in their versatility across these different expertise area’s. In my Bachelor’s Industrial Design, I have been working hard to develop myself equally in all of the five expertise area’s. Concluding my Bachelor, I can conclude that Industrial Design has given me the needed foundation for the future I envision for myself. Still, there is plenty more to learn on (technical) engineering aspect. This page discusses my plans of the future.

The next step: Focus on technology and engineering

As elaborated on the page of Expertise Areas, there are still areas in which there is room for further development. Such an EA is the area of Technology and Realization. Although I have taken plenty of initiative to build prototypes in projects, I still believe there is room for further growth. ID projects allowed me to learn rapid prototyping, making iterations quickly with cardboard, foamboard or wood. Moreover, I learned how to program and build circuits using Arduino. Especially later in my Bachelor I put in effort on learning how to make interactive prototypes.

Still, I am planning to make the most of my time at the TU/e, by leveraging more of its education possibilities. Applying physics in designing new technology, both aesthetically, functionally and in terms of cost is something I feel I am still missing. My next step is doing a pre-master at Mechanical Engineering. In a year time I hope to build up enough of a basis in physics and mathmatics to allow me tot do the master (or have the option to do something different alltogether if it does not fit me). In my master I hope to develop my skills and knowledge further to ultimately call myself a capable, well-rounded engineer (or designeer if you like). To keep a broader scope of the application of technology and the “user” side of things, I will always have my basis in Industrial Design.

“The versatile Bachelor of Industrial Design has given me the foundation I need for the career I aspire. Having a broad skillset and a bit of knowledge across a variety of technology related expertise area’s offers possibility to grow further in whatever direction I want,,

Sem on Future plans
The far future: The exiting world of technology entrepreneurship

With a broad basis in Industrial Design and specialization in (design) engineering, the possibilities for a career after my time at the TU/e are plenty. As elaborated earlier in my Professional Identity and Vision, entrepreneurship with regard to technology is something my heart lies. With my broad education, I could be a valuable addition to any tech startup in the Brainport Eindhoven region. Starting my own company someday is a dream for the far future. With the skills I am continuously developing, I am growing towards that dream. My ‘bit of everything’ education in Industrial Design will always be at the basis for the remainder of my development and later career.